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Little Miss Crafty Pants is an official licensed Greek vendor!

Alpha Delta Chi

Alpha Delta Epsilon

Alpha Gamma Psi

Alpha Omega

Alpha Omicron Pi

Alpha Phi Delta

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Pi Sigma

Alpha Rho Omega

Alpha Sigma

Alpha Sigma Tau

Alpha Theta Beta

Chi Iota Omega

Chi Kappa Rho

Delta Alpha Theta

Delta Beta Chi 

delta delta omega

Delta Epsilon Beta

Delta Gamma Phi

Delta Kappa Sigma

Delta Phi Epsilon

Delta Psi Delta

Delta Xi Delta

Delta Xi Omicron

Epsilon Alpha Pi

Gamma Phi Omega

Gamma Psi Epsilon

Kappa Chi Alpha

Kappa Delta Tau

Kappa Phi Gamma

Lambda Delta Chi

Nu Theta Chi

Omega Delta Chi

Omega Chi

Omega Sigma Psi

Omega psi phi

Omicron Xi

Phi Delta Chi

Phi Gamma Chi

Rho Upsilon Tau

Sigma Alpha Omega

Sigma Alpha Zeta

Sigma Beta Chi

Sigma Delta Lambda

Sigma Delta Phi

Sigma Gamma Phi

Sigma Gamma Rho

Sigma Nu Phi

Sigma Omega Beta

Sigma Omega Nu

Sigma Omicron Pi


Sigma Theta Chi

Tau Beta Iota

Theta Phi Alpha

Xi Rho Delta

Any local organization!

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