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Wrap Yourself Up in Your Memories!

Drawers and closets full of t-shirts? Greek life tees? Sports tees? Concert tees? Baby clothes? Believe it or not, all those t-shirts we have stuffed in our drawers tell our story - our hobbies, our passions, our interests. Make your memories last forever with a custom t-shirt quilt!


We can mix in almost any type of fabric (sweatshirts, button ups, etc) and we are one of the cheapest companies out there!

Don't be fooled by other companies claiming to make t-shirt "quilts." While just sewing blocks together is cheaper and less labor-intensive, they are not actually quilting anything. Quilting is sewn inside the blocks themselves. By stitching inside each block, it makes the quilt a lot more durable and stable, making it last. All quilts done by Little Miss Crafty Pants will be hand quilted, ensuring the best quality possible because why put your cherished memories in the hands of someone that doesn't do the job correctly?!

Mosaic Style Quilt

All the blocks are different sizes

With a mosaic style quilt there are NO straight rows or columns


Lap (60x65*) - $235

Twin (60x84*) - $260

Full (78x92*) - $285

Queen (86x104*) - $310 

These prices do not include shipping

How many shirts do I need?

Lap (15-20 sides)

Twin (20-30 sides)

Full (30-40 sides)

Queen (40-50 sides)

Simple Style Quilt

All the blocks are the same exact size

With a simple style quilt there are straight rows and columns


Lap (60x65*) - $200

Twin (68x86*) - $225

Full (78x92*) - $250

Queen (86x104*) - $275

These prices do not include shipping.


How many shirts do I need?

Lap (16 sides)

Twin (24 sides)

Full (30 sides)

Queen (49 sides)

*All sizes are approximate. Many factors determine the final size of a quilt, such as t-shirt size and size of graphics. If you do not have quite enough t-shirts for a mosaic style, I will build a few squares from leftover pieces of provided t-shirts to "fill in the blanks"

Note: A side of a shirt is either the front OR the back. YES you can use both sides!

What Next?

1. Check out the prices and sizes above

2. Determine the number of shirts you have/would like to use

3. Purchase the $100 deposit listing

4. We will contact you via email to gather specifics about your quilt

5. We will also email you detailed instructions for preparing and shipping your shirts (Customer is responsible for shipping costs)

We require a deposit of $100 upon ordering with the balance plus shipping ($20) due prior to sewing of the quilt at your approval of the layout. You will be prompted to purchase a Final Payment listing at that time. 


Since you will be charged $5 shipping at the deposit checkout, that $5 will be deducted when you get your Final Payment listing.

Things to Know

All you need to send is your shirts or clothes! Everything else is inclusive:​

  • Stabilizer in between your t-shirts and backing fabric for durability and long life

  • Batting

  • Binding and quilting

  • 100% cotton solid color fabric will be used for the back of the quilt (your color choice)

You will receive a picture of the layout of your quilt before sewing for approval!

Your finished quilt will have 3 layers, hand quilted together​ with fun patterns varying throughout the quilt

Clear thread will be used on top of the quilt so that it does not interfere with your t-shirt design

Processing time: Quilts take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete

"Wow! Definitely the best t-shirt quilt maker I have ever found. Beautiful attention to detail, affordable, and speedy work! Megan incorporated special swatches of fabric that were important to me and I'm so grateful. Communication is excellent, and you can trust her with your most prized possessions. It felt like an old friend made my most favorite work of art!!"

- Katherine, happy customer

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